Thursday, 28 April 2011

Red Riding Hood

Well I went to see Little Red Riding Hood at the weekend and I have to say I was.......disappointed.  Being a big twilight fan I was really looking forward to the supernatural twist on the classic fairytale. 

The story is set in the village of Daggerhorn which has been plagued by a werewolf for generations.  Despite nightly animal sacrifices which have pacified the wolf for over 20 years, it suddenly takes a human life.  In an attempt to finally rid themselves of the wolf and protect anyone else from slaughter they invite Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), a revered  werewolf hunter, to slay the beast.  Father Solomon deduces the wolf is one of the villagers and sets forth to draw them out and kill them. 

In the midst of this drama Valarie (Amanda Seyfried) our red riding hood of the piece, is struggling between her secret love for childhood friend Peter (Shiloh Fernande) and her duty to the man her family has betrothed her to, Henry (Max Irons).  Does she follow her heart and choose the poor woodcutter or respect her family’s choice and marry the more prosperous ironmonger?  Or will the werewolf make either choice impossible?

The costumes and sets are lovely but the whole film came across as very staged to me.  The village looked like a set and the acting felt forced and wooden at times.  I  also really struggled to understand how a big metal elephant fitted into the medieval setting (yes you read that right).  The story is very loosely based on the Red Riding Hood fairytale and the classic reference made to the original story seemed slipped into the film just to have it there.   It wasn’t a terrible film but it definitely didn't meet my expectations. 

 The best bit for me was Shiloh and Max, which one is better looking.... you decideJ

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Have just spent a lovely weekend catching up with friends and making the most of the gorgeous weather with another bbq.  Aimee had everyone out playing on the trampoline with her, which was great cause it tired her out nicely before bed lol

There was plenty of wedding talk as three of my girlfriends are getting married next year! June, July and November are going to be busy and full of new dresses for me if I can afford it. (and shoes and bags and....)  I did treat myself yesterday to a new ring from Matalan.  Can't complain at only £2 and its adjustable so I can wear it on most fingers.  I'm slowly building up my jewellery collection which I have to admit is pitiful.  I'm currently looking for something with navy blue in it if anyone has any suggestions? 

I realised this morning that two weeks isn't really that long until my holiday so I'm frantically pulling things out my wardrobe to see what I can bring.  Why do guys get it so easy, shorts and t-shirts and they're done.  What did everyone else do this weekend?

That's my lovely husband, Paul at the bbq there.  He did a much better job of cooking than I did last week!

Debbie and one of my friends Jenny who is getting married next November

My lovely new ring

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

Only 16 days until I go on holiday and I'm so excited!  Of course I'm facing the usual dilemma, do I really need a new bikini?  I have a drawer full but a holiday just doesn't seem complete without something new to make you feel good on the beach.  I want to go for something a little different this year and I've picked out a few of my favourites to see what you think. 

Saying all this I'm actually going on holiday with Paul, Aimee and my in-laws and I don't know how comfortable I'll feel wearing a bikini in front of my husband's parents.  Because of this I've also been looking at swimming costumes just in case.  I'd love to get out in my bikini though to get a bit of colour and show off my tattoo.

I've been trying to be good for a few weeks so I look trim on the beach and have somehow ended up heavier than when I started!  Does anyone have any good tips on how to tone up in two weeks or cheats to make you look good on the beach?

Top - pink twist bandeau top
Bottom - ombre mould triangle bikini top

Top - skirt swimsuit
Middle - ditsy print swimwear
Bottom - green twist swimwear

Top - ASOS spot moulded bikini
Bottom - ruffle swim dress

Sorry about the small pics everyone but my laptop is just not playing ball tonight.  I'm really liking the idea of a skirted swimsuit (covers a few more of the stretch marks lol) 
Is anyone else having the same dilemma as me?

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

So here are the pics of my new shorter, blonder hairdo.  What do you think?  I was going to get an all over dye but the hairdresser suggested highlights to start so I could get used to the colour change.  It has taken some people a week to notice the difference but I can see it and I'm happy.  I'm off on holiday to Majorca in a few weeks so goodness knows how light it will have gone by the time I get home.

I spent this morning helping out with the Northern Ireland Junior Taekwondo Grading.  I took up Taekwondo a year and a half ago and I love it.  Its a great way to exercise and meet new people and I like knowing I can take care of myself if I needed to.  I'm entering my first competition this summer and I'm so nervous!

I'm just about to get ready to go to a friends for a chinese, a dvd and a bottle of wine:)  What is everyone else up to this weekend?

Dress:ASOS, Jacker:Mado, Shoes:Dorothy Perkins, Belt:Peacocks
Owl Bracelet:ASOS, Satchel:ASOS

This was the first outing for my ASOS satchel and it fitted all my rubbish in no problem.  Why is it we carry around so much we really don't need?!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I have fallen in love with the new juicy couture advert for their new peace love and juicy couture perfume.  I love the excess of colour and the sheer mystery of the whole senario.  Watching it makes me feel like I could be anything I wanted to be and it definitely makes me want to run out and buy the perfume. I've been looking at all their previous ad campaigns and can't help but be inspired by the use of colour, texture and props.

  I've decided to invest in a how to book for a bit of help with my camera skills and maybe one day when I'm good enough I'll create my own interpretation of juicy couture.  Are their any ad campaigns or pictures that inspire you?  What look would you recreate if you could?

All pictures from google images

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun....

I can't believe we have had another great weekend with the sun, we actually hit 20 degrees in April!  I had my first bbq of the year at Vicki's on Saturday night and it was great craic.  I wore my green ASOS dress that I featured in an earlier post as we went out later on for Vicki's birthday.  Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions of how to style it and I will post pics soon to get your feedback on how I did.

It's amazing how having my blog is making me think more about what I wear and pushing me to try new things.  I've only been blogging for a couple of months and it has definitely helped my confidence even though posing for photos is still a bit daunting!  I just want to say a big thank you to my followers and anyone who has taken the time to leave me a comment.  I appreciate all the support:)

I completed my hair transformation on Thursday night and although its more subtle than I thought it would be, I love it.  I think a new hairstyle can give you a new lease of life.....I feel at least five years younger lol  You'll see it soon with my ASOS dress pics (and hopefully when I finally put up a profile pic).

Hope everyone had fun this weekend and made the most of the sun if you had it.

Dress:Miss Selfridge, Cardigan:Primark, Necklace:Borrowed from Vicki, Bag:Barrats, Shoes:Dunnes

I got this dress for an amazing £10 in Portballintrae.......bargain of the year so far.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What A Day!

Something I haven't mentioned yet is that I'm a twin.  Not identical, but the youngest (by three minutes) half of a pair.  I promised Debbie I would do a post about her as she commented on my blog that I hadn't mentioned her lol  Unfortunately today did not go as I'd planned!

My husband had a little fall last night and landed on his head, hurting his neck.  Rather than call for an ambulance he got up and drove home.  After some persuasion he agreed to go to hospital where he was put into a neck collar and strapped to a bed for various x-rays.  They sent him home at two o'clock this morning with painkillers saying it was pulled muscles.

Today he can't move his neck, the pain has spread to his shoulders and his vision is blurred!!!!  So it was back to casualty for a four hour wait where the doctors decided he had a concussion and I have to monitor him closely for the next few days incase he starts having double vision or vomiting.  At least Paul now accepts how sore he is and is taking it easy.

On a good note though Aimee found out today she no longer has to wear her eye patches, which she has been wearing five days a week since she was eighteen months old.  It was the best feeling seeing the smile on her face when the specialist told her.  I have never been prouder of her because she wore those patches religiously and I couldn't have.  I tried one once and couldn't keep it on for five minutes never mind two hours.  Kids really can handle anything.

Anyway here are a couple of pics of me and my sister (just to keep you happy Debbie:)  We look like sisters but I don't think we look like twins.  What do you think?

It's probably obvious but as I'm not wearing glasses in these photos I'll tell you I'm on the right in the top photo and on the left in the bottom.  What siblings if any do you all have?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

To All The Mummies Out There...


I hope you all have a great day today.  I was lucky enough to be woken up to breakfast in bed this morning and in a while we are heading out to the park for some family fun and then shopping this afternoon....bliss.  I have decided all washing, ironing and other such chores can wait today (apart from washing Aimee's school uniform, which I volunteer Paul to do lol) 

What are your plans for mother's day?  I should mention we are making time to visit both our mum's today with the usual cards and gifts.  I love the fact both our parents live just around the corner and if we want to see them we can be there in five minutes.  This was especially helpful when I'd just had Aimee and had no clue what I was doing! 

I'm going to leave you with some more pics from Portballintrae.  I braved shorts (all be it with tights) which made me realise I only really owned that one proper pair so I bought two new pairs yesterday:) I have a confession.....I still have my maternity shorts from having Aimee which do not fit at all but I was putting off buying new ones incase my post pregnancy body looked ridiculous in them.  When the sun appears again I'll put them on to show you guys.

After looking at these photos I realised what a mess my hair was so I decided it was time for a change.  Part one - the cut , is complete and part two - the colour, is coming this week.  Here's a sneeky peek of my new shorter hair.  Better pics to come I promise ( I really need to smile more!)