Saturday, 26 February 2011

I Am Number Four

"Three are dead...He is number four"

So I went to the cinema with my best friend Vicki last night to watch I Am Number Four and loved it!  The general story revolves around John Smith, a teenager with special gifts who is contstantly on the move with his guardian Henri to avoid old enemies.   That is until he meets Sarah and falls in love.  He decides to stop running and discovers and develops his skills in order to embrace his destiny. Can he stop himself being killed like the three of his kind before him?

It was showing in screen one so I was surprised there was only a small crowd and wondered how good it was actually going to be.  It had me gripped from the start and I wasn't disappointed.  It had a good storyline,  a great cast (Alex Pettyfer is so hot!) and of course left me hoping there was going to be a sequel.  Check out the website and definitely check out the movie.  Its one I would absolutely go back and see again.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

So here goes..

Well this is me... sorry about the bad picture but it was taken in a hotel room at the Westbury in Dublin where my husband surprised me with a night away.

 What I thought was supposed to be a day trip to Dublin turned into a weekend with great food, plenty of shopping and a trip to the zoo.

 The best part of the weekend had to be coming back to our room after dinner to the bed turned down and various gifts and treats very carefully laid out, something I could definitely get used to!