Monday, 12 September 2011

Tattoolly Hooked

At school I was always the sensible one who worked hard and never did anything out of the ordinary.  I'd rather stay in than go out and enjoyed nothing more than a cuppa tea and a good movie.  I always felt that I'd missed out on something by not wanting to go out and do as everyone else did.  Little did I know I was just a late developer.

I got married at 20 and had Aimee by 22 and it was only then I really started to discover who I was.  I took up Polercise classes, started going out more and much to everyone's shock I got a tattoo.  If you'd said to me at school I would ever get one I would have said you were mad.  Well I've just gone out and got my third one!  I've heard once you get one you're hooked and it true.  I was only going to have the one and I just keep getting the itch for another.

My most recent addition is a vine on my ribs.  You may have seen in one of my previous posts the one on my ankle, it was much more painful despite all the talk that the ribs are the worst to get done.  Does anyone else have any tattoos?  Or were you late in comimg out of your shell?

Apart from my ankle my other two tattoos will only ever be on show when I'm in a bikini.  I got them for me and I don't regret any of them.  I thought hard before getting each one and was careful choosing the design so I wouldn't get bored of it. I'm happy with three now but you never know if the itch will come back again lol

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Goodbye Summer

This month is so crazy with things happening I'm really looking forward to a week off with Paul and Aimee at Halloween.  I can't believe I'm thinking about Halloween already but I'm going to an Alice In Wonderland themed party and I'm planning my outfit already.  I'm tweedle dee but I want to do it with a sexy twist so any ideas would be gratefully received.

I'm looking forward to seeing some friends from England who are coming over for a visit next weekend.  The boys have planned a weekend of golf so its only fitting the girls do some serious shopping. Even with Halloween costume plans I'll be keeping a little eye out for a good Christmas party dress too.  Early I know, but I always leave it too late and end up just settling on a dress and not really loving it.  I'm also doing things backwards this year as I already bought a pair of shoes which I'm trying to match a dress to!  They are gorgeous and I will get a pic up for you this weekend.

With the shift in the weather I have been looking through some of my pics from the summer and missing those long warm summer days  (We lit our fire the other night it was so cold).  I came across some outfit shots I didn't post so I thought I'd put them up as a farewell to summer.

Dress:H&M, Shoes:New Look

I love this dress as you can wear it with straps or without.  It will be sitting patiently in my wardrobe waiting to come out and play in the sun next year.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Beautiful Bits And Bobs

I can't believe how much time and energy it takes to sort out everything for school!  Its been two days and we are all exhausted and the homework hasn't even started yet.  I don't ever remember getting homework in P1, it seems cruel to use some of their precious play time but hopefully it won't be too much . 

 I'm happy to say Aimee loves school (thank goodness) and I'm looking forward to a few hours to myself on a Wednesday morning.  I will definitely be heading back to bed for the first few weeks just to remind myself what it feels like to have a lie in lol

As promised here are a few pics of some of the lovely things I got for my birthday.  I was very spoilt:)

The canvas of New York and the shelves I bought with my birthday money to spice my room up a bit.  I love having my favourite books on show and I love all things New York, despite not having been yet. (That's going to be my 30th birthday present to myself).